Warnings and Disclaimers


These designs incorporate high voltages and other hazards that present risk of death or serious injury to the constructor or others. These descriptions assume the reader is familiar with the risks and applicable local regulations governing the construction of electrical equipment.

If you are unsure of your abilities in this area please donít attempt construction. The author of this website or anyone connected with it takes no responsibility for any injury or loss resulting from the use of these designs, either due to error or omission in the design, or arising from implementation by the reader. Please use the information here for reference and guidance only.

These designs are presented for non-profit use only. If you wish to use them in a commercial venture please contact me.

Please send me any comments about the design and any errors or omissions in the circuit diagrams or notes. I donít mind answering short questions, but I wonít enter into lengthy correspondence about construction or troubleshooting.

email: malcolmrix@malkie.com

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